Tracking Solution


For fleet managers, true location-based intelligence (LBI) gives you the strategic insight to make more informed planning decisions about your mobile fleets. Real-time location intelligence helps you make tactical decisions. Activity reports let monitor hyper wasteful
activities like excessive idling, which cost your company money.

In today’s cutthroat transportation/logistics environment, you can’t afford not to have a system that gives you insight into your fleet activities.  Want proof?


Let’s face it. Idling is wasted fuel. Idling=0 MPG. Idling is the bane of all fleets, and yet most have no idea of how to combat it.

MatchpointGPS idle reports red flag your problem vehicles, netting you savings right away. And analyzing monthly reports will give you insight into idling trends that will help your fleet reach its efficiency potential.


Ever wonder if your Driver or Teenager misuses your vehicle?

Every time your drivers are involved in an accident, your insurance premiums rise. Asking them to behave professionally is not enough to modify driving behaviors overnight. And short of riding along with your driver, there’s little you can do to ensure that drivers are exercising their best judgment on the road. So how can MatchpointGPS help you here?

MatchpointGPS takes the guesswork out of it by empowering you to know exactly when and how the driver behaves with your vehicle.

Speeding alerts give you the ability to help correct a behavior any time your driver exceeds 40, 60, 80 or 100 Km/h.

Set Boundary Alerts around Home, Office, School, etc and know exactly when the vehicle ENTERS or EXITS your pre-set locations.



Never worry about vehicle theft or towing ever again. Know exactly wherever your vehicle is in India from anywhere int he world from any phone, tablet or PC!

The ultimate in vehicle tracking and security. One Solution, Endless Benefits!

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